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Bula Coffee Partnership

We are introducing the line of Bula Coffee Products grown in Fiji! How many of us wake up each morning, and immediately reach for the coffee pot? Wouldn’t it be great if those beans were grown sustainably and helped make a positive impact on the environment and the farmers that grow them!

Kava Time is excited to now be working with Bula Coffee and will soon be retailing their fine products through our online store. Run by Luke Fryett and two local directors, Bula Coffee employs locals from nearby villages. Additionally, it provides sustainable livelihood yet also maintaining the beautiful natural environment of Fiji! Previously an untapped market, over the years this has significantly helped in reducing poverty and in many ways contributed towards the economic prosperity of the people.

Loving-islands-bula-coffee-fijiBula Coffee has provided training and capacity building predominantly in the correct harvest methods, pulping and drying of the coffee and also on the basics of financial literacy. They have assisted with early childhood education initiatives and also established kindergartens in the villages and supported youths through employment and sports sponsorship. More recently, they have provided extensive training and certification in organic farming for our coffee suppliers. Besides teaching farmers about coffee practices, Bula Coffee also generally broadens their knowledge and understanding about sustainable farming practices and environmental conservation.

Loving-Islands-Bula-Coffee-Fiji-Online-minOverall, their goal is to provide a delicious, natural product, in addition to creating opportunities for villagers to benefit from their own hard work and bountiful natural resources. As Loving Islands focus is environmentally sustainable practices, we are very excited to be working with them! 

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