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Beqa's Sanctuary 16 Oz


Our Beqa's Sanctuary is 100% medium grind lateral kava roots, dried by the radiant Fijian sun. The waka is sourced from the island of Beqa where the climatic conditions are just right to grow very pleasant tasting kava plants. 

Our farmer has advised that the Beqa's Waka primarily consists of a variety known as Yonolulu in Fiji. This aromatic kava is very mild tasting on the palate and produces a relatively darker beverage. This kava is a creeper and its effects seem to kick in after a few cups. It is a relatively well balanced kava, best for drinking to relieve your anxieties any time needed without losing mental clarity.

Chemotype = 643251

Effects = Moderately Heady

Best for = De-stressing and Relaxation  

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