Gourmet Kadavu Waka Gourmet Kadavu Waka Gourmet Kadavu Waka

Gourmet Kadavu Waka


Our Gourmet Kadavu Waka is 100% medium grind lateral kava roots, dried by the radiant Fijian sun. The waka is sourced from Tuvuki in Kadavu where the climate conditions are just right to produce the most potent kavas of Fiji.

Our farmer has advised that he grows five different cultivars on his farm. They are Loa Kasa Balavu, Matakaro Leka, Damu, Dokobana Vula and Vula Kasa Leka. The Kadavu Waka is usually a combination of these 5 cultivars. This kava is very bitter which is an indicator of how potent it is. It produces a reddish tanned light colored beverage and has a distinctive licorice aroma. It is labeled as gourmet because the plants are 3.5+ years old and are well above the maturity range. The Gourmet Kadavu Waka has heavy effects.   

Chemotype = 643251

Effects = Heavy

Best for = Weekends

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