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Ovalau's Heritage


Our Ovalau's Heritage is 100% medium grind lateral kava roots, sun dried by the radiant Fijian sun. The waka is sourced from Lovoni in Ovalau where the climatic conditions are just right to grow some great kava.

Our farmer has advised that the Waka is a blend of different cultivars which are Yonolulu, Damu, Qila leka, Vula kasa leka, Dokobana vula, Matakaro balavu, Dokobana loa and Loa kasa leka. This kava has an appealing aroma and is mild to the taste. It produces a light colored beverage. 

Ovalau's Heritage is a mild heady kava which is great to drink during daytime to elevate your mood and have a stress free day.

Chemotype = 642351

Effects = Moderately heady

Best for = Daytime

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