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Taveuni's Lawena 16 Oz


Taveuni's lawena is 100% medium grind basal kava roots, 75% hot air dried and 25% dried by the radiant Fijian sun. The lawena is sourced from the island of Taveuni where its volcanic nutrient rich soil helps grow some of the more potent kava's of Fiji. 

Our farmer has advised that the kava plants he farms are only of the "Loa Kasa Leka" variety. This kava is a lesser potency version of our Taveuni's Secret in the lateral roots range. The powder produces a very light colored kava beverage which is very appealing to its beholder. This smooth kava is  recommended as your daily heady anxiety relieving kava best suited for consumption at work in moderate amounts (if allowed). 

Chemotype = 426351

Effects = Mildly heady 

Best for = Daytime

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