What is Kava Time?

Fijian Kava Ceremony
Kava Time is a premier Fijian Kava label. We supply the highest quality of noble kavas available in Fiji, to kava connoisseurs in  United States of America, Canada, New Zealand and Japan. We ship from Florida, USA. Our products contain "Fijian Product" emblems which means we strictly offer only authentic Fijian products. We have rigid quality measures in place to ensure our customers only get the cleanest and safest kava that Fiji has to offer at a reasonable price. We handpick our 100% farmed organic kavas, clean, dry, process and vacuum package them and can guarantee that no other fijian kava vendor can beat the quality of our kavas. A high level of quality control is maintained on the kava we sell and track-ability is right down to our farmers. Kava is slowly becoming a world wide herbal drink known for its anxiety relief and calming properties. We want you to embrace kava just as we Fijians do, so have a shell with us. Bula!