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Why Kava Time?

Noble, fresh, potent, hygienic, top-shelf quality Fijian kava, a checkout away


We sell only noble kava

Every individual batch of kava we sell is tested externally by a quality organisation known as T.K. Group Labs using methods approved by the U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention and leading kava experts.​​​ We only retail noble kava and guarantee that you will not get unwanted side effects from drinking our kava


We sell top-shelf Fijian kava

We drink the kava we sell and guarantee you will thoroughly enjoy our products. All kava we sell are hand picked from batches by trained eyes, meticulously cleaned and processed in a controlled environment. Only the cream of the kava batches we receive from our farmers is sold through our website.


We support Fijian kava farmers

We source kava directly from small to medium scale farmers in Fiji. We offer above market rate price for their kava and promote their region through our website. We help to create awareness on the unique characteristics of kava coming from different regions of Fiji. 


We sell what we label

We only retail 100% pure Fijian kava. We do not mix kava from other countries to make up orders, inventory or boost effects. We also retail exactly what we label in our packaging. If you are purchasing waka (roots) it will be 100% pure waka. You will know once you feel the potency of our Fijian wakas.


Our customer service is impeccable

We respond to customer concerns and queries within 24 hours. If there is a mistake with your order we either fix it or provide an instant refund. Our fulfillment center also ships out the next business day (Mon-Fri) so your orders are never stuck for days. All our customers are given a premium service.