Ambae's Kava Ambae's Kava Ambae's Kava

Ambae's Kava


Ambae's Kava is our first Vanuatu kava offering which comes from the island of Ambae in Vanuatu. The volcanic island is known for its strong noble vanuatu cultivars and this kava is a mixture of melomelo and borugu cultivar. 

This kava feels significantly more potent than our Fijian kavas. The powder produces a dark brown kava beverage and is very peppery because of the lateral root content. We processed this kava in Fiji and have used the perfect combination of lateral roots to peeled basel stems to make this kava stand out from competition. It is best to be taken at the end of the day when you want to simply melt into your couch and watch your favorite TV channel.

Chemotype =  243561

Effects = Strong Heavy

Best for = Evening 

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