Santo's Pride Santo's Pride Santo's Pride

Santo's Pride


Santo's Pride is our 2nd Vanuatu kava offering which comes from the island of Santo in Vanuatu. Santo Island is the largest kava producing island of Vanuatu and has a plethora of varieties planted in its field. This kava is a combination of multiple varieties and offers essentially the true experience of dried noble Vanuatu kava. 

This kava is undoubtedly the most potent noble kava we have in our offering. The powder produces a brown kava beverage and is very peppery because its pure lateral roots only. We processed this kava in Fiji so you can rest assured that is has been processed through cGMP standards. It is best to be taken at the end of the day when you are in the mood to get krunked.

Chemotype =  Unavailable

Effects = Strong Heavy

Best for = Getting krunked

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